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Game aliases:  Manygolf io

Manygolf club description

Manygolf club — Play for free at

Manygolf io is a stylish, minimalistic and very “clever” golf. You must be quick and precise. You must put a ball into the hole for a limited amount of time. Moreover, you are competing with other players, and. Often, they are more experienced than you. Soon, you will understand that it is a really exciting game, although it seems to be very simple.

How to play

Choose angle and strength of the blow. Then, watch the ball and dream about its landing in a proper place. The aim is to receive prize scores. If you occupy the first, the second or the third place, you receive many points. If you get the last place, you may be even fined. Be precise, as if you are shooting from a sniper gun. If you mistake for a single millimeter, the game is lost. However, some players manage to hit the hole from the first or the second time, and it’s amazing.


  • Use A, D to choose direction of the blow.
  • Use space, to choose strength of the blow.

When you press the space, the scale of strength increases to the maximum, then it decreases again. So, if you need maximal strength of the blow, be careful. Moreover, maximal blow is much stronger than the nearest one on the scale, it is true.


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Manygolf club

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