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Manyland io description

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Manyland io is almost an universe you not only explore, but also create something yourself with friends or on your own. It's a kind of dreaming with full control :)

How to Play Manyland io

To build something, drag it from one position in the world to a free other position. Drag something from your collection and creation panes into the world to place it, or drag it into the pane to collect it.

You can quickly place multiple blocks by placing at the edges of an empty rectangle in clockwise order, starting at the top left (this also works mirrored, and with removing all-same blocks). You can more quickly build lines by placing in the order of e.g. 1 2 ... 4 3.

To clone an object of yours to change it, drag it onto the create tab or button. Some creations by others are also clonable.

Manyland io


If you enjoy someone's company, you can click them and then click the "+My Friends" button. They will then appear in your My Friends list, which you can open by clicking on yourself, then "My Friends" (or on desktop, pressing F1). You can also ping friends with your location. (Reversely, you can also block someone, which results in their speech not be heard by you anymore, and you not being listed in their friends list.)

Manyland io Controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Type to chat
  • Space to pick/mount/unmount/equip/drop
  • Right click to rotate
  • Ctrl + click on an item to delete something / on self to drop item
  • Hold shift to drag an item
  • Shift + click to undo deletion / upvote person
  • Escape to close dialog
  • Ctrl + F10 to toggle menus
  • Ctrl + B to show boosts

For a complete tutorial please go to Help section of the game (bottom left corner).


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Manyland io

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