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Game aliases:  Mechario

Mechar io description

Mechar io — Play for free at

Mechar io gives a chance to play for a chicken-like robot from the Star Wars! The game is also similar to the space shooter Super orbit, although it is not so popular. This game is really good. Here, you will fight at the background of fantastic landscapes. The game takes place at the lab that is lost in the cosmic station, and at the tactic firing ground in the forbidden desert. Each of the maps is unique. However, both of them comprise the armories, the storehouses of medicines and mines and other objects that will help you to destroy the enemies. The game has a high quality of graphics, the design is perfect, there is a great amount of gamers. So, it is one of the most interesting io games.

How to play

The aim is to enter the world TOP rating and to enter the Hall of Fame. To do this, collect arms and don’t forget to use medicines when you are losing the health. Use the shield and make fast attacks using your body. Skillful usage of these techniques will help you in the battle.

You may escape from almost every kind of weapons. In general, it is really useful to maneuver. The robots are often faster than the shells. When you are stepping back from the enemy, you may throw a mine to him. Otherwise, wait for a suitable moment and hit the enemy, like Zidan hit Materazzi. It will be 100% efficient.

On the map “Desert” there is a plane that is throwing down capsules with the arms. To get the weapon, break the capsule.


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to fire
  • Right click to use the shield
  • Double click for one of WASD to speed up
  • Space to hit with the body


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Mechar io

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