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MicroGravity io is a not a simple io shooter. it's a combination of RTS + shooter + gravity effects. A nice game to spend some time playing! Great new io game from the FLUXR game studio!

How to Play

Your goal in MicroGravity io is to become the all mighty and most powerful guy in the universe. The universe consists of various planets with the biggest one in the middle of the map.

Building a civilization on a planet is a good start. You'll need resources for all buildings and weapon production. You can resources by destroying asteroids or building some mines / factories. Actually there 3 types of buildings you can create: City, Mine, Factory and Defense. City provides your factories with labor. Mines collect resources for you and Factories are used to get weapons of all kinds. Defense stands for various turrets to protect your headquarters.

Also don't forget to join alliances to conquer other planets! Invite friends to play MicroGravity io together!


  • WASD or arrows to move
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click or Space to shoot
  • Shift to boost
  • T or Enter to chat
  • Q E or num keys for weapon selection
  • Right lick for directional thrust
  • Middle click for directional reverse
  • R to toggle alliance
  • H for help


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MicroGravity io

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