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Game aliases:  Mienfield io Mienfieldio

Mienfield com description

Mienfield com — Play for free at

Mienfield com is a perfect game for those who have played Minesweeper. The game is similar to Massivematch. However, the Mienfield is the most classical classics. You receive scores for mines that are identified properly. When you make mistakes, you lose scores. The game space has an amazing size, but you may work only near the land that has been already cleared of mines.

How to play

The game Minesweeper first appeared in Windows operational system in order to teach the users to cope with the mouse. However, the game has become superpopular. The main difference is that it is played on a giant canvas. Rules are the same. When you're sure the square is clear use the lift click. To mark squares with mines, use the right click. You gain or lose scores for right prognoses or mistakes.

Mienfield can be customized. In the upper right-hand corner you can choose an icon for the identification of mines. Afterwards, you will see the results of your work on the minimap


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Mienfield com

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