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MineRoyale io description

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MineRoyale io is a 2D battle royale io game dedicated to Minecraft. You'll have to mine, craft and fight till the time is over.

How to Play

Since Mine Royale io is a battle royale game, the map available for players shrinks with time and makes players meet each other. Even if someone tends to simply mine the ores he will finally have to meet someone and fight with him. So withing the given round time you'll have to mine enough resources, craft various weapons and armor, and fight the enemies of course, before they've killed you.

MineRoyale io

Collect mushrooms to craft stew. Stew is used in MineRoyale io to restore the health level, very useful during the battles when there's no time to wait for regeneration.

MineRoyale io


  • Numbers to switch between the items
  • E to craft
  • Shift to sneak (also the name above you disappears)
  • Hold left click to crash the blocks by pickaxe
  • Left click to throw TNT and right click to detonate


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MineRoyale io

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