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Game aliases:  mmo chess io multiplayer chess online chess

Mmochess io description

Mmochess io — Play for free at

Mmochess io is a multiplayer chess game in a specific style. If you love this game and want to play chess online, then try playing this io game. You join either team and vote as like in President election for the next move. You win when your team wins. If you liked this game you may also like Xess io.

How to Play Multiplayer Chess

The main goal is the same as of classic game - you have to win your opponent. The rules are also classic, no difference. You join either white or black side as soon as you enter the server.

The key feature of the Mmochess is that every player either suggests a move or votes for someone's else move. You can change your selection until every one has voted. The move that got the most votes is played.

To make a suggestion click a figure and move it. This move will appear in the dialog of your team (on the left or right side). No chat, no communication with other players. Actually it's very educative to watch others' moves.


  • Click and drag a figure


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Mmochess io

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