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Game aliases:  mob smash io

Mobsmash io description

Mobsmash io — Play for free at

Mobsmash io is shooter io game, you should simply destroy everyone you see with your teammates! Just like GTA where criminals stayed together.

How to Play

Your main goal in the game is to get army of mobs! We've seen previously similar game called Gauch io. This game is just similar , but not the same. First of all it has great 3D graphics! Next, there're a lot of locations like caves and etc. Third, a lot of different AI mob types you're able to control.

Your army follows it's captain (you). If they meet any wild animals they'll start to fight. Many animals are rather strong, so don't try to attack them all the time. At least at the beginning. For every killed enemy you'll get a new warrior for your army. At the end of the game if you die or exit the game you'll receive bonus coins that may be used to buy new types of mobs.

Mobsmash io mobs

The maximum points in the Mobsmash io you can get while fighting other players. Note that units do not respawn during the battle and new mobs're added at the end of the fight. Also you'll receive some of XP defeated player had.

At the bottom right corner you may see an indicator of booster readiness. This indicator increases when you kill other players. Every mob has unique boosters. For example Peasants receive extra speed, Gladiators points to damage and defense. As soon as booster is ready right click to activate it.

Mob Smash io Controls

  • Click to move and attack
  • Right click to use booster


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Mobsmash io

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