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Monarchies io description

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Monarchies io is a multiplayer is RTS game. With bees instead of soldiers!

How to Play

Your goal in Monarchies io is to build the biggest bee hive with maximum bees working. Number of bees affects the score directly. You can have a lot of workers, but the only one Queen (your HQ). If it's killed you lose.

Queen has 4 actions to develop the hive.

Monarchies io

  • Swarm - bring all the bees near the Queen
  • New Hive - create new honeycombs neat to existing ones
  • Lay Egg (becomes active when you select a combs) - lay an egg into comb
  • Attack - attack

Before attacking anyone it reasonable to bring your bees together (Swarm). Then send bees to attack the enemy. Worker bees can perform 3 actions: collect pollen, watch the eggs and build new combs.

The workflow looks the following: workers collect pollen that is put into combs. As soon as comb is ready pollen will turn into honey. Honey is used to feed the larvas. After that larvas become the worker bees. A lot of bees = more profit and win points.


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Monarchies io

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