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Monstermaster io a captivating fantasy RPG where you tame pets with a twist - guns! Engage in thrilling battles to tame fantastical pets, each with unique abilities. Evolve characters by leveling up and strengthen pets alongside. Strategically assemble your team from a multitude of creatures, customize with fusion system. Mold your pets into
ultimate champions to become the preeminent trainer in this fantasy realm.

How to play

To play, engage in battles to tame pets and evolve characters. Strategically assemble a team of captivating creatures and customize with fusion. Mold pets into champions and become the preeminent trainer in this fantasy realm.


  • Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Shoot: Left Click
  • Command Pets: Right click
  • Net: 2
  • Pets Ultimates: 3,4
  • Interact: E and F
  • Emote: Q


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MonsterMaster io

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