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Game aliases:  monwars io monwario

Monwar io description

Monwar io — Play for free at

Monwar io seems to be a fighting io game on the base of Lordz io, at least looks the similar. The base idea is the same, you do collect resources and recruit soldiers to fight enemies.

How to Play

In Monwar io you need to make the strongest monster army in order to protect your king. Actually the game has a bit more complex buildings choice.

First of all you have to collect resources (food, wood, stone and gold). Also you can take control over others' mines and receive resource unit per second permanently. As soon as you received enough gold have a look at the soldiers panel

Monwar io

You can recruit soldiers by clicking over or pressing a corresponding num key. Currently you can own only 5 units. You need to build houses for extra units. Maximum you can build 5 houses = 30 units maximim.

Monwar io

You may meet AI mobs on the map, they're very strong and if you kill it, you acquire and ability to recruit soldiers of that type!


  • Mouse to move
  • Num keys to recruit / build


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Monwar io

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