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MooFarm io description

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MooFarm io is an online multiplayer io game. One of the best clones of great MooMoo io. Gather resources, build the base, create the team. The game contains a lot of features that make it unique and exiting.

How to Play

The goal of MooFarm io is to earn as many gold as possible. 1 gold = 1 points. You can mine gold directly from gold mines, kill the animals and bosses, build the wind mills that generate some gold per second or by destroying other players and getting some percent of gold they had before death. All ways are suitable, why not use them all?

Also gold is used to but some customizarion stuff at special store, like hats, wings and etc. These accessories give you some little special abilities and upgrades. The items purchased are not gone with the game over, so you can use them infinite times till you close the browser or reload the page.

At certain amount of gold collected you receive level ups. Than unlock new items, new abilities and new buildings. Some items get replaced by new ones, so make sure you've investigated them all and know exactly what upgrade options to choose. Don't forget to watch the MooFarm videos and tutorials

Check out the store buttons if you want to download MooFarm io and play on your device.


  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack or mine/gather
  • Num keys for item selection


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MooFarm io

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