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Moomoo io is a new game from developers of Drift io, Bloble io and many other io games. You might find it similar to Starve io since you also have to gather some resources, build settlement and defend it from other players. The main difference of Moo moo io is no day/night change and no need to care about level of food/water and whatever.

On the one hand this makes the game simpler, but on the other the game doesn't look boring at all! This game has many own features!

How to Play

You main goal in Moo moo io is to collect resources found all over the map (wood, stone, food etc), earn gold and build settlement for defense. As soon as you reach level 2 you need to choose one of two options: get an updated ax or a sword. Great ax lets you get 2 units of resources per hit while sword delivers more damage to opponents and has longer attack range. At this point you've got to choose your role in the game: farmer/builder or invader/warrior. Next upgrades will give you new weapons and buildings. You better select them due to the chosen role.

Gold means score in the Moomoo io. You can get gold either mining it from gold mines or building wind mills. Each wind mill gives you 1 gold per unit of time. Advanced windmill gives 2 gold. Defeated player gives 10% of his gold at the moment of death.

It's obvious that you've got to defend your wind mills from other players. Build walls, spikes and other constructions to keep them safe. Sometimes it's a good ides to leave a tree, berry tree or even a stone mine inside the settlement to have easy access to resources.

Items and buildings in Moomoo io

Tier Cost Description
Moomoo io
1 Hammer
Gives 1 resource per hit
Available resources: food, wood, stone, gold
Moomoo io
2 Great Ax
Great ax gives 2 units of resource per hit
Moomoo io
Short Sword
Has higher damage comparing to axes
Gives 1 resource per hit
Moomoo io
Great Hammer
Great Hammer gives 4 units of resources per hit
Higher damage for buildings

Moomoo io
Long range weapons, shoots arrows over traps and boost pads
Moomoo io 1
10 food Apple
Apple recovers 20 HP
Get apples on apple trees

Moomoo io 3
15 food Cookie
Cookie restores 40 HP
Moomoo io 1
15 wood
Max 20
Wood Wall

Moomoo io 3 25 stones
Max 20
Stone Wall
Moomoo io 1
20 wood
5 stones
Max 10
Defense + deals damage if touched by enemy or animal
Moomoo io 5

30 wood
10 stones
Max 10
Greater Spikes
More damage comparing to Spikes
Moomoo io 1 50 wood
10 stones
Max 5
1 gold per time
Moomoo io 5 60 wood
20 stones
Max 20
Faster Windmill
2 gold per time
Moomoo io 5 20 wood
100 stones
Max 1
Allows to build stone mine in a random place
Moomoo io 4 30 wood
30 stones
Max 6
Pit Trap
Allows to trap enemy, visible only to you and your teammates
Great for placing at the entrance to settlement or for trapping animals

Moomoo io 4 30 wood
5 stones
Max 12
Boost Pad
Allows to move quick at the direction of an arrow


Members of the same team can not deal damage to the other members + traps left by others are visible. To join a team open a team menu by clicking a button

Moomoo io

Then choose one of available teams and send a join request. If accepted you become a member of that team. You can leave a team at any moment. Also you can create your own team by entering a name and pressing Create button. You'll seen Accept and Decline buttons when someone send a request to join your team.

Moomoo io


  • WASD to move
  • Move camera by mouse
  • Item selection with mouse or 1-9 buttons
  • Gather/Attack by left mouse click
  • E for auto-gathering/auto-attacking


Moomoo io has a sandbox without any buildings limits and resources. You may do what ever you want on sandbox servers. These servers available from the server selection box on the main page. Go down to the Experimental servers block.

Moomoo io Sandbox

Tips & Tricks

Get as many resources as possible before you start building your settlement. Try to stay close to your settlement in case someone decides to attack it.

If you see two sources of resources close to each other you may get both of them (and double XP as well) by a single hit. Use this trick for quick level up. You can also build a stone mine close to tree or gold mine.

Moomoo io tips and tricks


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Moomoo io

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