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Mope io Battle Royale description

Mope io Battle Royale — Play for free at

Mope io Battle Royale is an official battle royale mode of Mope io. Evolve your animal and win the game.

How to Play

The goal of Mope io Battle Royale is to stay the last one survived. All players begin the game at the same time. Eat plants and plankton to grow bigger and evolve. After a couple of upgrades you'll be able to attack other animals. Also big and strong animals have some special abilities that will help you in this cruel battle.

The thing about this version is that map suitable for game will shrink little by little and you'll have no chance to avoid other players. The last player that remains in the game wins. After that the new round begins. If you have died at the beginning or the middle of the game, don't give up. There're hundreds of players online in Mope io Battle Royale and lots of game rooms created every minute. Wait a bit and join a new one!


  • Mouse to move
  • Click to dash


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Mope io Battle Royale

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