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Morterra io description

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Morterra io is a new survival io game. If you take a look a the leader board you'll see that some players manage to stay alive for days!

How to Play

Main goal Monterra io is of course to stay alive for as long as possible. Also there's a kill counter. First of all try to find some food, water and any kind of weapon. If you starve or thirsty of lack of sleep you HP will begin to decrease. At zero level of HP you'll die.

You can gather berries on trees and corn on the fields. After cord or berry is eaten some seed are left in Inventory. Make sure to get rid of them because they occupy space in your Inventory. If you find a way to use seeds leave required amount and throw away the rest of them. You can find water in pond, it's marked with blue point on the map.

Stones and sticks are used as a weapon in Monterra i. Also you can crack stone on your way and get some useful stuff. The general rules is if you can pick up an item pick it up. Most of items are likely to be able to be combined with other items for crafting new ones.

Monterra io Controls

  • W and S to move
  • Click to use an item
  • Right click to drop an item


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Morterra io

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