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Game aliases:  mage war io mwario

Mwar io | Mage War io description

Mwar io | Mage War io — Play for free at

Mwar io is a multiplayer online io game. Probably the best mage io game. Your power is your spells power!

How to Play

Goal of Mwar io is killing all the opponents on the arena. For every fight you'll receive bonus points that can be spent for buying new spells.

Two modes available:

  • FFA - play on your own against all the other players
  • Team mode - plat in team and fight against opposite team

Mage War io is one of the io games where spells are the main weapon and actually you've to aim and try not to miss the target. That not easy and not impossible. However there counter actions against spells. Use map features, cast carefully and you're done! Well the game certainly worth spending an hour or two fighting the other mages!


  • Right click to move
  • Number keys to cast spells


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Mwar io | Mage War io

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