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Game aliases:  Myth gard io

Mythgard io description

Mythgard io — Play for free at

Mythgard io is a digital collectible card game, set in a modern-day alternate universe where the gods are real, but their powers and influence are waning - most of the greater deities have been killed off as their respective cultures came into contact with one another and clashed over territory and resources.

How to play

The main goal in Mythgard io is build most powerful complect of cards ever. For new cards you need to fight and win battles.

During the battle in Mythgard io you can do some things. Once per turn you may drag a card down to your mana bar to "burn" it to add to your resources. The burnt card is shuffling back into your deck. Burning a card gives you one mana and one coloured gem - as indicated by the burn gem on the card. For using the card you need to pay both the card's mana cost and its gem cost.

Drag a minion card into one of your unoccupated lane to create it in that lane. Minions in Mythgard io cannot act at that turn they're created (unless they have the RUSH ability). They threeten the tree opposing lanes. Drag your minion to attack, move, or use activated abilities. If you attack the empty lane, your minions deals damage to the opposit player. Also minions can move to an ajacent lane instead of attacking.

When minions fight, they each deals damage to the other equal to their respective power. If a minions health is reduced to zero, it dies and goes to the boneyard.

Some minions are weak but have an activated abilities. Drag down to activate. Usually some abilities have a cost like mana, action or even health! So, use them wisely and you will win the game!


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Mythgard io

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