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Nebulaz io description

Nebulaz io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Nebulaz io is a fun, fast-paced multiplayer shooter game. Gather resources, buy new ships for your fleet and take out other players. The more ships you have the faster you can destroy asteroids and get more resources.

How to Play

The goal of the Nebulaz io is to get the most score points. You've got 2 fleets at the beginning and have to destroy asteroids for resources. There're 3 types of resources:

Nebulaz io

Fleets shoot automatically and the only thing you've to do to get them close to the asteroids (and of course to find the asteroids of proper colors). These resources are used to buy new fleets to your spaceship army. At the bottom left corner you see the cost of new fleet in meaning of resources. If you've got enough resources to buy new fleet press 1 to but it. It will join other fleets immediately.

Nebulaz io

Nebulaz io looks pretty simple until now, but we've forgotten about the enemies. Enemies don't wait while you collect resources and develop your army. They will try to attack you. And you course you can attack the other players for the sake of resources and glory! Use boost option (Space button) to speed up and catch opponent's fleet or to get away from bigger ones. Try to keep your fleet together as you attack. It might be a good idea to take out enemy ships one by one.

Nebulaz io Controls

  • Move your fleet with mouse
  • Increase your fleet's speed for 3 seconds using Space
  • Press 1 to buy new ship


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Nebulaz io

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