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Nend io description

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Nend io is a unique io game, it's a SURVIVAL CITY game! It's like a Roy game in the Rick and Morty.

How to Play

Nend io stays for Never ENDing game. The main goal is to live your game life. First of all customize your character. Choose gender, skin color and outfit.

Nend io

You've got some indicators that are required to improve during the game: food, sleep, mood and etc. You've got to care about such things, buy foods, new clothes and so on. Sleep in a bed. The better is your bed, the better is your sleep. To eat, buy food in a distributor, a supermarket or a trash. Some food have special effect. Improve your mood by dancing, taking some medicine/food, or buying clothes. If you have to buy something means you've got to have money.

Earn money. Work on a computer, find money on the roads or kill people. Once you have enough, you can buy a building to get comissions every seconds. Each time someone buy something in your building, you get money.

Upgrade your skills. Each year, you can improve your character on:

  • Computing
  • Trading
  • Strengh
  • Speed
  • Inventory
  • Search
  • Mood
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Toilet

Before dying, think to buy a successor in a nursery. The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he'll be.

Nend io Controls

  • WASD or arrows to move
  • Left click to hit
  • Enter to chat
  • E to interact
  • M for map


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Nend io

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