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Game aliases:  Nibblyio fruitio

Nibbly io | Fruit io description

Nibbly io | Fruit io — Play for free at

Meet a new game Nibbly io! Chickens and other strange creatures are walking in the meadow. As you know, even in the biggest field there is somebody who needs more space. It is a simple game with nice graphics. You must collect fruits and throw them to the enemies. It is a real battle of fruits! It is a perfect game for boys and girls. However, adultsmay be bored. Adults can try Starve io)

How to play

Nibbly io is simple. At the very beginning, you must choose the character. There are 6 characters on a primary level.

The aim is to pick food located in different places of the meadow, to attack the enemies and to escape. Use any button of the mouse to attack. In the bottom of the screen there is a stripe of a current level. When it is filled to the maximum, you will upgrade to the next level. Remember that you lose your rating when you shoot.

Nibbly io will find its fans, without any doubt! It is a perfect game for kids. It is a very simple game, that’s why there aren’t any bugs and lags. Good luck in fighting for food!


  • Use a mouse to move
  • Use any button of the mouse to shoot


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Nibbly io | Fruit io

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