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Game aliases:  Nicefartio

Nicefart io description

Nicefart io — Play for free at

The main point of this game is in its name. You are playing for a small ass. The aim is to grow a huge tushy and enter the final of the World Cup for the title of the biggest tushy. It is a version of Agario, but in a specific style.

How to play

In Nicefart io control your pet and eat beans, gain the mass and escape from bigger enemies. You may defeat smaller enemies and absorb their mass.

Use your mass to speed up and to let out the gas. If somebody has let out some green gas, you may absorb it. Then, you will receive many scores but slow down for some seconds. You have only 6 portions of the red gas. Use chili pepper to increase amount of the red gas.

When you are small, it’s better to absorb the mass on the edge of the map instead of going to the center.

If you are chasing somebody, use W to let out the gas. Then, the enemy will slow down, and you will absorb him.

If a bigger enemy is going to catch you, and speeding up is not efficient enough, use E to bomb the enemy. You will lose mush mass, but the enemy will be neutralized for a long time after having eaten you bomb.

If you have run into the bonus in Nicefart io, you see triple pictures all over the screen, and your speed has become very fast, it means that you are invulnerable. So, you can take away the mass even from bigger enemies and stay unpunished.

Approach to the topper and try to defeat him by means of red gas. A great amount of scores will fall out of him, and you will grow immediately!


  • The tushy follows the cursor
  • Use Q to speed up
  • Use W to let out ordinary gas
  • Use E to bomb the enemy wit poisonous gas


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Nicefart io

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