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Game aliases:  night walkers io

Nightwalkers io description

Nightwalkers io — Play for free at

Nightwalkers io is a zombie survival io game set in a night setting with the main gameplay element being a noise meter: almost every action creates noise and when the meter is full a zombie will spot you and chase you.

How to Play

Your aim is to survive. Note that Night Walkers io is not a PvP game, so you can cooperate with others trying to survive.

There's a noisemeter it shows the level of the noise you create (almost every your actions creates some noise). When noisemeter is red, zombies rush in your direction. The weapons are useful up to an extent since firing them creates more noise so there are 2 major tactics: be stealthy or go down with a bang.

Nightwalkers io

Your character is equipped with a flash light and there are also street lamps to help you spot incoming zombies.

Crates appear on the map to help players and one could find weapons or aid kits in them, but again it's a risk vs reward since the crates need to be bashed opened using the right mouse button.

Nightwalkers io Controls

  • the character follows the mouse cursor
  • right mouse button for melee
  • left mouse button to shoot or utilize n aid kit


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Nightwalkers io

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