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Nitroclash io description

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Nitroclash io is a football game. Use any methods to score goals to the enemies’ gate. The game has a pleasant design, fast servers and short rounds. It is a perfect way to take a rest for several minutes.

How to play

The aim of Nitroclash io is to score as many goals as possible to the enemies’ gate. You must use nitro speed up efficiently. Pick the lighting dots appearing in special boxes in the field to restore the volume of nitro speed up.

At the moment, there are many bots in the game. It is difficult to collaborate with them, so you have to rely on your own forces. Nitro and a small size of the map will help you to cope on your own.

It is really comfortable that you can switch the camera from the player to the whole field. View of the whole field will help you to understand the situation in general. Then, you may quickly switch to your player for local actions and precise kicks.

Like in all io games, you will need some time to get used to the control of your footballer. But, when you understand the peculiarities of control, you will see that this game is really exciting.


  • The player follows the mouse
  • Make a click to use nitro speed up
  • Use Space to stop
  • Use C to switch the camera for the whole field
  • Use X to fix the camera on your player


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Nitroclash io

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