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The game North Kingdom Siege Castle is sure to delight all fans of the Tower Defense genre. With stunning graphics and strategic gameplay, this game is a real gem!

How to Play

It's not often that games like this come around. The stunning graphics, tower upgrades, and strategic gameplay make this game truly remarkable. Our goal is to defend our castle at all costs. Place defensive towers around it and upgrade them. We'll earn upgrade points for our victories, which we can use to upgrade our units. To do this, simply click the corresponding buttons in the main menu.

North Kingdom Siege Castle

Take a look at the screenshot. Place your buildings strategically to create obstacles for attackers. In this tight spot, bombers can deal significant damage to them! Here's another tip for playing North Kingdom Siege Castle: upgrade your towers when they have low HP. With upgrades, they'll be good as new!


  • Click to build and upgrade buildings.


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North Kingdom Siege Castle

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