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Orbitwar io is not the easiest io game to play. Developer says at the beginning that you will fail getting 100 scores and stay alive for 2 minutes! Well let's try.

How to Play

Main goal of the Orbitwar io is to get as many frags as possible to get the highest rank on the leaderboard. So what do we have. A spaceship with some HP, it moves fast and it's easy to get into some of asteroids flying around. You can't destroy them, just bump away from you.

The ship is equipped with a shield that protects from collisions and attacks. Shoot asteroids to increase durability of the shield.

A number of super weapons appear on arena:

  • Green one increases damage of your weapon (replaces your current weapon).
  • Purple is a PlasmaBomb. It doesn't replace your current weapon and kills everything around when dropped (S key).
  • Yellow one is a Cloaking Device. Makes you invisible for a short time.

Also mind other players, you may collide with any of them easily. Ship moves only forward. You can only slightly change direction it with your mouse or keys.

At the beginning you can set both your nickname and your team name if required. Note there're a lot of ship available for free.


  • W to move towards mouse pointer
  • Click to shoot
  • S to drop bomb


We're updating comments section. And hope it gets back soon!

Orbitwar io

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