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Game aliases:  Orbsit Orbs io

Orbs it description

Orbs it — Play for free at

Orbs it is a game similar to Opka io. 21 planets are rotating around the Sun, and you must use different colors to paint these planets. There are many players, so you will have a lot of work to do. You must switch quickly from planet to another one, in order to conquer the space. Moreover, you must be able to fire accurately. So, there is a huge amount of work to do, and the game is really exciting.

How to play

The situation is quite simple. The aim is to conquer all planets around the Sun. Use the wheel of the mouse, to zoom in or to zoom out. Click the planet of your color, and it will become active. Another click and your planet will shoot. If a painted bullet hits the planet of another color, this planet becomes yours. Each planet is reloading independently. When you shoot from any planet, don’t wait until it reloads, just switch to another planet and shoot once more. The ammo is flying for a determined distance. So, sometimes you must wait until the planets come together for a distance available for the shot.


  • Wheel of the mouse to zoom in or to zoom out
  • Click to choose the planet/to shoot


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Orbs it

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