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Game aliases:  oreshek io oreshkio

Oreshk io description

Oreshk io — Play for free at

Oreshk io is a space exploration io game. This multiplayer io game suggests you resource mining, mobs and other players fighting.

How to Play

Your main goal in the game is to be the best of the best :) To become the best player in the Oreshk io you have to use rade while travelling the space (it's found in the bottom right corner). Dots are your enemies. Green ones are week, you can kill them easily, yellow are dangerous, your chances to wins are 50/50, red ones are player you've got to avoid contacting at all at the moment.

Oreshk io has interesting management system. At the bottom you may see Attack (sword), Defense (shield) and Gems (hand) symbols. These symbols stay for the mode that's currently active. If you have an Attack mode on and click on a gem you'll destroy it by shooting. So be careful and note the current mode. Puzzle icon stays for ship upgrades.

Gems required for ship upgrades. You can get them by destroying asteroids and spaceships. As soon as you got at least some Gems click on Puzzle icon and buy upgrade you can afford. There're a lot of characteristics to upgrade actually.

Oreshk io Controls

  • Click for action
  • Click control panel for mode selection


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Oreshk io

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