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Game aliases:  owomio ovom io ovomio

Owom io description

Owom io — Play for free at

Owom io is an io game with original gameplay. Looks a bit similar to Agar io, but still offer unique experience.

How to Play

You task in Owom io is to collect the color pellets for points and fighting with other players. Your cell can perform 3 actions: accelerate, land and explode a bomb and create a defense power shield.

Booster and shield points are shown at the bottom left corner. You can activate booster by click and effect will last till you release the button. Shield however will last only till it's capacity ends. You can't turn it off manually it will switch off as soon as level of the energy will become insufficient. Shield can protect you from the bomb explosion.

Bombs in Owom io are landed by S button in the direction of the pointer at some distance from your cell. Exploded by D button. If you happen to be near the epicenter of explosion - the game is over. The only shield can help you to stay alive. Activate it as quick as possible. Note that you can die with explosion of your own bomb. Good luck!


  • Cell follows the mouse
  • Click to boost
  • S to land a bomb
  • D to exploded a bomb
  • Space to activate Shield


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Owom io

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