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Game aliases:  Pacemanio

Paceman io description

Paceman io  — Play for free at

Paceman io is similar to the oldschool Pacman. We already know the exciting Namcap io and a little bit upgraded Capman io. This time, Pacman was combined with the game for gaining weight, added some boosters and levels. Pacmans are eating colored dots, trying to eat each other and enter the TOP.

How to play

The aim is to gain weight and eat other Pacmans. To do this, upgrade by eating colored spots of the mass. When you grow bigger, you can attack other gamers. If you attack somebody face to face, you are pushed away from each other. It can be used in the battle. You may push your enemies to the saws or throw them away behind the border of the map.

To absorb the enemy, you must attack him from behind. For levels, you receive bonus to the volume and speed, it is very important for the victory.

You can’t go away behind the borders of the map. If you run into the saw (or somebody pushes you at the saw), the Pacman will die and leave the dots of mass.

There are many temporary boosters that increase your size, decrease/increase speed and double the mass points. Be careful with the red boosters, sometimes they can be harmful.


Pacman follows the mouse
Click to speed up


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Paceman io

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