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Game aliases:  petri dishes io

Petri Dish io description

Petri Dish io — Play for free at

Petri Dishes io is a fast and light-weight Agario server. Some say it's much better that original game. Well, you've hot to check it yourself.

How to Play

Perti Dish is not a hard game, your goal is to absorb all the color pellets and enemies on the map. Your points are shown at the right top corner. Make sure you watched tutorial and other funny videos. If you don't love agario game, you'll love the videos 100%

Inside the game provides several servers with different modes. Try each one to find the mode that you'll love the most. For example, on Crazy server even those color pellets can attack you!

Playing Petri Dish unblocked is a good choice for playing at school with friends. Also don't forget about the skins. It's a good option to customize the image and set whatever you want. Don't use weird pictures please!


  • Mouse to move
  • W to spit the mass out
  • Space to split the cell into several smaller cells


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Petri Dish io

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