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Petz io will entertain even the most dedicated io game enthusiasts. Grab a kitty or a flamingo and head towards total victory against other players. Turn the peaceful town into a battlefield!

How to Play

The developers of Petz io have made all character skins and weapons available from the start. Click on the sword icon and choose the right gun for you: rifle, animal, or even a tank! Then pick a cool skin for yourself, so that enemies tremble at your mere presence. Important note: when there are few players on the server, a few bots take their place. They may be quite dumb, but don't let your guard down!

When you encounter a real person on the battlefield, unlike a bot, they can quickly destroy you. Therefore, stay alert in the game at all times. Use the sight to shoot at distant targets. And if you're curious, click on the small "Spectate" button in the main menu. Soar freely over the battlefield. Perhaps it will inspire you to a winning strategy.


  • WASD for movement
  • Click to shoot
  • Numbers 1 and 2 to switch weapons


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Petz io

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