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Pinned io description

Pinned io — Play for free at

Pinned io is a fine single player arcade game. The rules are very simple, but the game play is not! Don't get pinned and you'll win the game!

How to Play

You've got to pass levels one by one by touching the FINISH bar. You may come across green bars on your way. These're checkpoints, in case of death you'll respawn at closest activated checkpoint. Touch checkpoint to active it. Red bars are lava, and as we now when floor is lava you should get away as fast as possible. If you think this is also, you're mistaken. You've opponents in the Pinned io. The same cubes as yours will appear in the game and wait for you to pin you and immobilize you. If this happens you'll start again from the beginning of the level or last checkpoint.

Your cube is affected by gravitation, can accelerate and ricochet from the walls. Also sometimes the cube can a bit jump and you can use it to get even more higher.r

Pinned io Controls

  • WASD or arrows to move


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Pinned io

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