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Game aliases:  Polysio polys ga

Polys io description

Polys io — Play for free at

Polys io is a classic 2D io game. Keep collecting useful stuff, fight the other players and become the strongest player in the game.

How to Play

Main aim of Polys io is to receive maximum score points to get to the top of the leader board. As soon as you're on top try to keep your top place.

Getting points is rather simple process. Look for blue dots and gather them little by little. Your actual level is indicated at top left corner. With every new level your weapon changes, gets bigger and more powerful. On the other side you become slower with every level up.

Besides weapons you can speed up for a while. Speeding consumes your score points, but can be quite useful sometimes. The most dangerous about boosting is a player may respawn close to you. For a couple of seconds the new player is invulnerable and can attack quickly. If you don't get away you might be killed easily. Wait for a while and kill the enemy

Polys io Controls

  • Character follows the cursor pointer
  • Click to attack
  • Space to boost


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Polys io

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