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Game aliases:  primal io

Primals io description

Primals io — Play for free at

Primals io is a pixel magic :) Think of yourself as a mage that uses elements to cast various spells (a new Harry Potter, rofl) . The game is not that good looking as Durak io does, but the gameplay is still exciting!

How to Play Primals io

As in many other io games the goal is to kill every opponent. You can use spell to attack you enemies. At first spell casting looks complex, so let's make it more clear. Below the circle you play for you'll see 4 squares with numbers from 1 to 4. These are power and type of the spells. Go down a bit more, there're key combinations to hit to create elements.

When you press the combination of keys you kinda produce an element. Maximum you can have 4 of them. Let's say you have 4 elements of 4th tier moving around you. Click to cast spell then into the direction of mouse pointer. If you have 4 units of the same spell, but of 3rd tier they will cause another spell. All spells have a little cooldown time. Try different combinations of elements to create unexpected types of spells. It's a kind of real magic :)

Primals io Game Modes

  • Coop - play in team with others at Sandbox or CTF mode
  • Versus - play against other players
  • Easy (campaign) - easy level of difficulty
  • Medium (campaign) - medium level + bots + helpers (Lava, Glass, Plant, Litch)
  • Hard (campaign) - hard level of difficulty

Controls in Primals io

  • QWER & ASDF to create elements
  • Click to move
  • Right click to cast the spell


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Primals io

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