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Game aliases:  Punt Hooliganio

Punt Hooligan io description

Punt Hooligan io — Play for free at

Punt hooligan io is a kick the ball challenge game. Be careful if you kick the ball too and don't touch the ball you can have a leg gone!

How to Play

Main goal of the Hooligan io is to to kick the ball as hard as possible. Some times you can miss the ball, in this case your leg will go as far as possible :) Try to find out the angle at which ball goes further.

During the game you receive coins that can be spent in the shop for hat, ball skins and other stuff. Accessories won't give any advantage, but the ball can add extra power to your kick.

The further the ball goes the more coins you receive. Note that after every 1000 milestone the coins get bigger and after 7-8k you're able to get a unbelievable reward!

Punt Hooligan io Contols

  • click to kick the ball
  • R to restart the game


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Punt Hooligan io

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