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Game aliases:  Racetimeio Race time io

Racetime io description

Racetime io — Play for free at

Racetime io is similar to Racegame, but it has some peculiarities. Here, you are not racing all together. You chose a partner and race with the record of his best race. The aim is to be the first. First, you appear in the track of achievements in the column “Novice Division”. You are racing on the same track until you defeat somebody from the Pro Division. Then, new tracks will be available for you. Every 30 minutes you are offered presents (as a rule, you receive coins). Use your achievements, to purchase funny skins of the cars. The aim is to become the best racer. Racetime io has a good quality, it is nice and exciting. That’s the way it is.

How to play

If you like the game and decide to break the world record, it would be good to register in the game. Then your avatar will be visible and, if you occasionally delete the history of the browser, your result will be saved. At first, the control seems to be difficult, but, nevertheless, the car is controlled by the cursor or the mouse. Choose the cursor “forward” to speed up, and, to turn sideways, use…so, in order to make a turn, you must show your agility, because this process is indescribable. In order to stay on the track, you should slow down before the turn. You must be careful with speed and choose the right moment to speed up, in order to achieve the best result.

Then you go to the main page where different results are shown. Choose a car you want to compete with, click this car and click “RACE”. For every race, even if it isn’t successful, you receive coins. Use your coins, to acquire new cars.


Use the cursor or the mouse to move


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Racetime io

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