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Game aliases:  Robo battle io Robobattleio

Robobattle io description

Robobattle io — Play for free at

Robobattle io has the atmosphere similar to Hopz io. The game is penetrated with a nice minimalism. The robot collects nuts that fall from the sky, fall out from defeated enemies and bots. If you touch the bot, you will die. In this game, originality combines with simplicity and good development. You will enjoy the game and relax after a stressful day.

How to play

There are many io games without upgrading, levels and different accumulations. Robobattle can be included into this list. The only aim is to collect nuts for hooting at the enemies. When your enemy is defeated, nuts fall out from him, too. There is a huge amount of nuts. You won’t have too many of them. If somebody throws a nut to you, there are two ways to survive: to escape on the lower/higher level or to shoot with your own nut; both loads are annulled.


  • To move follow the cursor
  • Use the Space to shoot


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Robobattle io

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