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Get ready to battle against other players and upgrade your tank in the online game, Rocketer io. Collect colored squares to level up your tank and unlock different classes of tanks, each with unique abilities. Strategize your movements and use your tank's weapons to take down enemy tanks and reach the top of the leaderboard.

How to Play

In Rocketer io, you control a tank and must shoot down other tanks to gain experience points. The more points you have, the more upgrades you can apply to your tank. Move around the arena and collect colored squares to gain experience. Use the upgrades to customize your tank and unlock new classes with unique abilities. Choose a class that suits your playstyle and strategize your movements to avoid enemy fire while taking down other tanks. Watch out for obstacles and enemy fire as you battle your way to the top.


  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your tank around the map
  • Aim with your mouse
  • Shoot with the left mouse button


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Rocketer io

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