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Game aliases:  Сockroachio

Room24 io | Сockroach io description

Room24 io | Сockroach io — Play for free at

Cockroach io is very unusual io game. You've got to choose first whether you're going to play for cockroaches or humans. And them mortal combat begins!

How to Play

Keep eating food till you reach score greater than 10. After that you can attack your enemies! Click to attack. Little by little your score will increase and when you reach a level of 20000 you've reached the score limit you are the Ghost of the Room! What does it mean? You're invisible to every player in the game, but you become visible when you attack someone or someone attacks you (ie while attacking someone else but you stay on the way). Opponents can't see you, but still can attack you.

As a Ghost you have some special powers:

  • Ghost attack: your attacks do no depend on score anymore, but have to recharge after use
  • Light Switch: switch the light of so no one (except you) sees anything, lasts for 5 seconds, then needs to recharge
  • Room Quake: available for human Ghosts only, shake the room and cause everyone to shake too till you stop it


  • Click to attack
  • S - use Light Switch
  • Q - use Room Quake
  • E - exit room
  • F - go fullscreen
  • M - mute


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Room24 io | Сockroach io

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