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Run Race 3D Online description

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If you like parkour then you'll definitely love this game. Run Race 3D Online is about pretty experienced parkour guys who're hard to beat.

How to Play

Run Race 3D Online consists of many levels. As soon as you've completed 3 rounds the level ends. You win when you come first at the end of 3rd round. You begin to run automatically. You're task is to make the guy jump or bounce or go around an obstacle at the proper moment of time. Simply click when required. The more precise your clicks are the better is your final score.

When going through the level for the first time try to notice the most difficult points to succeed at them later. Even if you're last after first round, don't give up, you still have a good chances to win the level.


  • Click to jump or bounce


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Run Race 3D Online

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