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Game aliases:  Rusnaio

Rusna io description

Rusna io — Play for free at

Rusna io is a crafting survival io game done in cute pixel graphics. It's a kind of Starve io with own unique features.

How to Play

First of all have a look at 5 bars at the right bottom angle. These stand for:

  • health
  • stamina
  • hunger
  • cold
  • thirst

Rusna io

Hunger, cold and thirst drop periodically and you have to fulfill them. Cold can be restored by standing near to a fire, water by standing near to a water source (lake and etc) or drinking from a flask. Hunger can be restored by eating anything from inventory.

The food and other loot in Rusna io can be obtained from the AI monsters, the player to make the last hit receives the loot from monster, food generally.

You can interact with various object by clicking them: click mine to mine some stone or get a wood or pickup a mushroom.

Rusna io

When you have enough resources for a building it's icon will appear at the top of the screen. Click to build. Buildings in Rusna io will help you in getting more efficinet resources and buildings.


  • WASD to move
  • Shift to run (consumes stamina)
  • E to toggle inventory
  • Left click to interact with an object
  • Right click to deselect


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Rusna io

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