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Game aliases:  Russian Roulette online Russian Roulette Russian Roulette game

Russian Roulette io description

Russian Roulette io — Play for free at

Russian Roulette io is funny and extremely addicting io game. If you are brave enough to try, welcome!

How to Play

The goal of Russian Roulette io is to earn the most money and not to die. There're only two ways to win. First is when you've got the money and raised above the black line. Second one is when all other players are already dead, you become winner as last one to survive.

In Russian Roulette io you can not control anything, you can only click and shoot. The computer will randomly choose when the shot is real. For every attempt you receive prize money. The less time you wait the more money you can receive. Also the less player left to shoot and no one has died yet amount of prize money also grows. Note that gun can have more than 6 bullets.


  • Click to shoot


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Russian Roulette io

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