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Game aliases:  scrimsio screams io

Scrims io description

Scrims io — Play for free at

Scrims io is a multiplayer RPG io game. Fight with monsters and other players for XP!

How to Play

Your aim is to get maximum XP and reach the maximum available level. Explore locations and fight the monsters, Each location has regular monsters and a BOSS. Have a glance at minimap, monsters are yellow dots and boss is orange dot. Killing monster brings you XP and gold. Every level up you can upgrade your strength, agility and health levels. With money you can upgrade weapons and armor.

In Scrims io you can't find weapons during the game, the only way is to buy them at the begging at the shop. After an upgrade you'll note visual and actual changes. Every item has 4-5 upgrades capacity. Enhancement option cost about 500 gold but upgrades only to 4th level. If on the 4th level you'll upgrade your weapon then all previous updates will have no longer effect.

You can travel between the worlds of Screams io with the help of portals. When you reach the last one you'll see a green portal on the map that brings you home. So you can go fighting monsters, come back home for staff and upgrades and go fighting back again.

Avoid fighting with other players if you are not strong enough. After death you begin with 0 upgrades and only 200 coins. That can be very disappointing especialyy whe you reach 15th and higher level, got maximum upgrades and already feel yourself like a boss in the ice world. Couple of mistakes and you've to start over again.

Scrims io Controls

  • character follows the mouse
  • click for action


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Scrims io

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