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Secretwords io description

Secretwords io — Play for free at

Secretwords io is a guessing game in the Internet. A player makes up a word, and other players try to guess this word. If you guess a word, you receive scores. The rules are very simple, but the game is in English. It is a perfect game for those who are learning English!

How to play

When you made up a word, you should give some tips and hint to other players; otherwise they won’t be able to guess your word. However, some players don’t give any tips or hints. In this case, send a message to the chat and ask for a hint. The game will help you to broaden your mind. Moreover, you may speak English with other players I the chat and it’s a great speaking practice. So, the game is really useful.

If you enjoy this genre of io games, you may also try the game Skribbl io, where the words are shown by means of a drawing. It is also in English.


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Secretwords io

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