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Shipnt io description

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Shipnt io is a co-op game based on physics where you must free the ship Evergreen stuck in the Suez Canal while fighting with other teams for the top 6 of the leaderboard.

How to Play

A good strategy is to try and communicate with the other person playing and to decide what part of the canal you want to go through, bottom - top - middle. You'll be surprised to find that a "Hey :)" can go a long way.

There is a global chat available in the game. Be nice and don't break the rules as you will be muted otherwise.


The game's avatar pulls the ship based on physics. You move the avatar by dragging and pulling him around but he will always return to the ship once you let go. If there is no person present or if they disconnect, you can use both avatars to move further faster, but watch out as the inertia will cause the ship to not be as easily maneuvered.

Once the game ends the players are free to roam, and they can even return to their starting area. As a funny bonus, you can go with the ship on land!

The game can be played on mobile too, the controls are similar, drag your Avatar to move the ship.


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Shipnt io

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