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Game aliases:  Shipoio

Shipo io description

Shipo io — Play for free at

Shipo io is a sea battle. It is something in between the games Krew io and Skyarena io. You will find here a 3D stormy sea, a lot of gold and a lot of enemies. You must float, collect golden coins, obtain new levels and new types of the ships. If you run into another ship, you may drag a part of is coins to your board.

How to play

The aim of Shipo io is to create the most powerful and invulnerable ship. You must collect golden coins and boxes. One box contains several golden coins. Also, players may take away coins from each other by means of the ram attack. Use cannons to destroy the most aggressive enemies.

Use a mini map to see the sector of your location. It helps a lot in the navigation. It would be good to look at the Top list from time to time. Maybe, you are the first in this list!


  • The sip follows the mouse
  • Make a click to shoot


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Shipo io

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