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Game aliases:  shock ripple io

Shockripple io description

Shockripple io  — Play for free at

Shockripple io is another example of original concept of the game. It implements some fresh ideas just like Hide io

How to Play

You aim in Shock Ripple io is to fill all the squares coining negative values. You should fill them with positive numbers. Use color tile to play.

Color numbers have 2 rules. First is that they fill the number of tiles equal to the number itself. Number 2 will spread on 2 squares, 8 will fill 8 tiles. After spreading numbers will rollback and disappear. Second rules is that if you click at several tiles simultaneously they will multiply when meet each other. If you have a tile with -32 you have to make tiles 4 and 8 meet. That the core idea of the Shockripple io

The game contains 50 levels and it's just enough to improve your mental skills and have a lot of fun. Shockripple io is a game for true perfectionists.


Click tile to play it


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Shockripple io

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