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Game aliases:  shot io shots io shoot io

Shotz io description

Shotz io — Play for free at

Shotz io is an incredible io shooter. If you have ever tried Surviv io you'll 100% like this io game too.

How to Play

Main goal of Shotz io is to have fun. And you'll have fun anyway. If you want to get to the some kind of leaderboard then you've to have as many frags as possible. And of course try not to die. Graphics is smooth, no lags, the game is full unblocked and playable fullscreen. Play with friends or whoever. Team to become stronger.

Shotz io

Shots io offers various types of weapons (of course you'll have to find one on the map first), upgrades and experienced player as well. Grab weapons as quick as possible and try to use all the obstacles on the map to win the game and defeat other players.

Shotz io

The list of upgrades in Shotz io is quite long:

  • heal - ability to heal others
  • regen - faster health regeneration
  • vision - see further
  • speed - move faster
  • shield
  • axe - simply an axe! you can throw it far away
  • grenade - ability to throw grenades!
  • build - you can try to build some wall


  • WASD or arrows to move
  • QUF to use upgrades
  • Left click to shoot
  • Enter to chat


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Shotz io

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