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Skibid io is a Diep io style multiplayer io game based on the popular youtube series Skibidi. Team up with friends and battle as your favorite characters from the series, using unique character abilities to win!

How to Play

Skibid io's primary mode is team mode. You can either play as The Alliance, or as the Toilets. As you level up, you will get skillpoints you can use to level up you character. Upgrade your Max Health, Health Regeneration, Zoom, Bullet Speed, Attack Range, Movement Speed, and Ability Cooldown.

There is a wide variety of characters with abilities, with a mix of both melee and gun characters. Each character has at least one unique ability, ranging from dashing at super speed, to increasing the total number of bullets you can fire.

Once you level up high enough you can upgrade your character to another tier level, multiple times until you reach your favorite top tier Titan or Hero characters from the Skibidi series.


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Skibid io

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