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In Skribbl io you will draw and guess other players’ drawings. Everybody will have a chance to draw and to guess. When you enter the game, you join the company of several people. The host is given several words to choose one of them, The host will draw this word, and you will guess it.

How to play

So, in Skribbl io you have chosen the word, and the countdown has started. One round lasts 30 seconds. While you are drawing, the others are trying to guess. In the upper part of the screen you will see the number of letters in the word. Closer to the final, letters are opened one by one in order to make guessing easier. When 30 seconds pass, the round is over, and then other player will draw his word.

If you are the first to guess the word, you will receive maximum volume of the scores. If you are the second to guess, you receive a smaller amount of scores, and so on. The more players will guess the word, the more scores you will receive.


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Skribbl io

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